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Rainier Arms XT Comp AR15

SKU: RA004490300


Rainier Arms was started by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Specializing in high-end AR15s/M16s, parts & accessories, their motto was: "If we won't use it, we won't sell it." Founded in 2005, Rainier Arms was established (and continues to this day) as a firearms and parts supplier. As time passed, they had a desire for products made a certain way and knew that the only way to make that possible was to make those products themselves. And as evidenced by the popularity of their own products they're off to a good start.
Rainier Arms Xtreme Tactical Compensator is a combination muzzle brake/flash hider designed to reduce felt recoil & muzzle rise with a relatively low muzzle flash.
This airsoft replica is manufactured under authorized Rainier Arms license. Rainier Arms and related brand names are trademarks of Rainier Arms, LLC in the United States and/or other countries.


  • Net Weight: 68g approx.
  • Length: 55.88mm
  • Diameter: 21.84mm
  • Finish: Isonite QPQ
  • Material: Steel Alloy

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only. Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury. PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

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