Mission Configurable Helmet Cover

SKU: OC045183338


Features & Specifications
The innovative design of this second generation Ops-Core Mission Configurable Helmet Cover (MCHC) offers a simple, cost-effective way to allow mission specific capabilities to be quickly and easily added without permanent modification of the helmet.

Equipped with mission configured components including the Ops-Core Skeleton One-Hole Shroud, ACH Skeleton ARC Rails with bungees, and exterior VELCRO brand fasteners. Components such as visors, mandibles, and all types of situational awareness accessories including NVGs, lights, cameras, O2 masks, communication devises, and IFF strobes can be attached.

MCHC is secured to the helmet with a combination of a close-tolerance cover design per individual helmet size; integrated straps with VELCRO brand loop and hook; and a ballistic bolt securing shroud to the helmet through existing drilled hole in standard U.S. Army ACH helmets.

Installed bungee cords reduce rattle/vibration of NVGs when mounted.

Fits four standard sizes (SM, MD, LG, XL) of U.S. Army ACH, USMC MICH Type II, and Gentex Low Cut Tactical Ballistic Helmet Systems.
Available in Operational Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP) (Multi-Cam); other camouflage and solid colors available upon request.

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