Exterior Velcro Replacement Kits

SKU: OC038138307

HK$202.50 HK$225.00

VELCRO brand fasteners allows for the secure, quick and easy attachment and detachment of headborne accessories.
Kits available for all Ops-Core and ACH Style helmets.

5 shapes per kit (FAST Bump has 3 shapes per kit); FAST MT Replacement Kit A accommodates a strobe (V-Lite), FAST MT Replacement Kit B includes full top patch and notched side patches. See Replacement Guide.

Sizes range from S to XXL, depending on helmet.

  • M - XL available for FAST Carbon and FAST Bump
  • M - XXL available for FAST XP and FAST MT
  • M - XXL available for Sentry
  • S - XL available for ACH
  • Available in Urban Tan, Foliage Green or Black.

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