Single Magazine Pouch - PLM

SKU: CT116530307


The Single Magazine Pouch - PLM is an all Kydex® magazine pouch which gives a smooth friction-free surface perfect for a quick reload. The Single Magazine Pouch- PLM attaches to the belt with a Push-Button Locking Mount (PLM). The PLM mount allows for being securely hooked on a variety of belt sizes up to 2.25" wide. The PLM offers the option to attach the Single Mag Pouch to a belt, chest rig, drop leg, and is cant adjustable up to 270°.

Features of the Single Mag Pouch PLM:

  • Magazine Bucket made of 100% aircraft-grade Kydex® providing smooth magazine release/insertion
  • Retention Screw for Easy Adjustment
  • Reversible Design allows the magazine to sit bullets facing rear or facing forward in the same magazine pouch.
  • Magazine pouch attaches to belt with Push-Button Locking Mount (PLM)
  • PLM fits belts widths of 1.5" to 2.25"
  • PLM can be opened on a hinge for easy attachment and removal from the belt
  • PLM mount locks closed for 100% security on belt

NOTE: A more detailed breakdown of fits available for this mag pouch can be found in the Use and Directions tab on this page.

NOTE: These magazine pouches are reversible allowing the customer to carry their magazine with the bullets facing forward or rearward. If you order a Right Side Carry (Left handed Shooter) the retention screw will be toward the rear of the body when carried on the users right side.

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