Belt Feed Magazine Kydex Pouch

SKU: CT109530308


The Belt Feed Magazine Pouch is the closest option to having a belt-fed pistol. The Comp-Tac® Beltfeed magazine pouch keeps four magazine reloads on hand while minimizing the amount of space taken up on your belt. The staggered positioning of the pouches allows you to get a proper grip on every magazine, indexing your first finger on the nose of the bullet to keep your reloads smooth. As with all Comp-Tac® Magazine Pouches, each pouch has individual tension adjustment. The Belt Feed attaches to the users belt with two Comp-Tac® Belt clips. The belt clips are open at the bottom allowing the user to slide the clips down onto a belt that is already fed through the belt loops.

Features of the Belt Feed Magazine Pouch:

  • 1.5" Belt Clip Width
    • Only recommended to use with belts 1.5" or narrower
  • All Kydex® Design
  • Individual Retention Screw for Easy Adjustment of each Magazine Separately
  • Reversible Design allows the magazine to sit bullets facing rear or facing forward in the same magazine pouch.
  • Comp-Tac® designed the Beltfeed to be legal in USPSA Competitive Shooting Organization events for most individuals. Results can vary based on body type and belt used. See USPSA Rules Here.
    • Belt Feed is NOT legal for IDPA.

NOTE: A more detailed breakdown of fits available for this mag pouch can be found in the Use and Directions tab on this page.

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