PTS Griffin Armament

M4SD II Flash Suppressor-14mm CCW

SKU: GA002490300


Griffin Armament was founded by a pair of sniper-qualified U.S. Army combat infantry veterans. After leaving the military and armed with the insights from their time served in the military and having considerable technical knowledge, they started Griffin Armament to engineer and produce products optimized to meet the needs of today's combat shooters. Today, Griffin Armament designs and manufactures a variety of specialized and highly effective muzzle devices and rifle sound suppressors for a wide range of end-user needs. PTS is proud to be the exclusive licensee for replica airsoft accessories based on Griffin Armament's products.

The Griffin M4SDII Flash Comp is Griffin's flagship product. It combines the distinctive design and functional recoil control ability of the Griffin M4SD Tactical Compensator with increased flash suppression capability via the addition of the 3 pronged tips to provide the optimal balance of recoil control and flash suppression with minimal compromise for both functions. The Airsoft version has been designed to be compatible with any A2-compatible suppressor mount including the PTSGriffin Armament M4SD Suppressor

This airsoft replica is manufactured under authorized Griffin Armamentlicense. Griffin Armamentand related brand names are trademarks of Hearing Protection, LLC in the United States and/or other countries.


  • Net weight: 50g approx.
  • Dimension: 57 x 22 dia. mm
  • Color: Black
  • Fitting:CCW Available

Disclaimer: These products are FOR AIRSOFT USE ONLY. They cannot function and are not produced to withstand use on a real firearm. PTS Syndicate Ltd is not liable if our products are inappropriately or inadvertently used on a real firearm.