Ambidextrous Safety Selector SST (45 Degree) GBBR Version Semi And Auto For KWA/ KSC LM4

SKU: BA006490307

The PTS Battle Arms Development - Ambidextrous Safety Selector - Short Throw (Full Auto) has a shorter rotational distance thus allowing for lightning-fast manipulation of the safety. Instead of rotating the standard 90 degrees for single-shot semi-auto and 180 degrees for full auto, you just need to flick it half the distance for each fire control setting. This allows for more lever clearance, reduces the need to adjust your firing grip when manipulating the safety for full auto, and reduces lever interference to the trigger finger knuckle. It is perfect for competition or in gunfight situations where speed is essential. The levers are detachable and interchangeable on both sides for maximum flexibility and user preference. There are a total of 5 Lever Designs and 25 Possible Lever Combinations! The BAD-ASS is a must-have for left-handed shooters, ambidextrous shooters, and when using your rifle in unconventional situations.

  • Short Throw Safety Center (0 ~ 45 SEMI ~ 90 FULL AUTO)
  • Levers are detachable and interchangeable on both sides.
  • Shorter rotational distance allows for lightning-fast manipulation of the safety.
  • GBB package Includes:
    • 5 x Modular Selector Levers
    • 2 x Torx Screws (1 x M3x6, 1 x M3x4)
    • 1 x GBB Selector Shaft
    • 1 x Safety Detent & Selector Detent Spring


  • Color - Black / Dark Earth
  • Material - Steel
  • Dimension - 27 x 12mm max size of lever
  • Weight - 50g per set (approx.)
  • Compatibility

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training and stimulation only. Please be aware that this product is not compatible with real firearms. Users should be alert that airsoft products are potentially dangerous which can cause serious injury and even death. If user misused this product, PTS will not take any responsibility accordingly.