Ferro Concepts

背後袋 MOLLE 轉拉鏈

SKU: FC019530307


This product provides owners of The SlicksterMOLLE Rear Plate Pocket, Slickster Molle Base or virtually anyone who owns a MOLLE plate carrier with the ability to use all of the Ferro Concepts Adapt Back Panels. Simply install the kit on to the rear plate pocket, zip on your preferred Adapt back panel and enjoy all the added scalability they offer. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE REGULAR SLICKSTER WITH THE SLICK REAR POCKET.

  • Provides Back Panel integration for SlicksterMOLLE Rear Plate Pockets
  • Can be installed on other MOLLE compatible carriers
  • Minimum 6 columns by 5 rows of MOLLE required
  • Ridged design for increased back panel stability
  • Made in Canada