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CLOSEOUT! Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch

SKU: BF016530307


If Ten-Speed pouches made reloading faster, we just made even faster Ten-Speed pouches. The Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch challenges a long-standing notion that magazines must be oriented vertically on the vest or carrier. The ''Horizon Pouch'' mounts to the front of a plate carrier or vest and arranges the magazines horizontally.
Horizontal magazines add to even faster reloading, even if you are already using blazing Ten-Speed reloads. By mounting the magazines horizontally, there is a shorter distance for the mag to travel from the pouch to the weapon. More importantly, there is no longer the need to re-orient the mag 180¢X in midair while reloading. When the mag is removed from the Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch, the mag only needs to rotate 45¢X (or less, if you normally rotate the weapon inboard while reloading). This provides a more natural, fluid motion that shows on a shot timer.
Another major advantage of the Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch is that it can be mounted higher on an armor carrier or vest. This frees up additional space on the front of your vest for other items that need immediate access.
The Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch fits everything the Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch will, but was designed for quicker magazin