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UDC Padded Bungee Single Point Sling

SKU: BF006530307


User Determined Connection Padded Bungee Single Point Sling by BFG

The User Determined Connection Padded Bungee Single Point Sling is a dedicated 1 point sling that is both fast and comfortable. The UDC Sling has 2" inline padding, similar to the Padded Vickers Slings for extra comfort that ends in two sections of bungee. The bungee has a travel of approximately 2" - enough to absorb shock from movement or transitions but short enough to reduce the risk of facial injuries or sagging weapons. The overall length is adjustable, ambidextrous, and compatible with use over body armor. Along with an overall adjustment range (or circumference as worn) of 35" to 55."

Quick Release Buckle One-Point Sling

The Quick Release Kit adds an emergency release buckle onto this one-point UDC Padded Sling. The ITW Fastex buckle includes both the male and female ends on the Quick Release Kit and provides immediate release from the weapon. The Strap Adapter is the same buckle found on the two-point Standard Issue Vickers Sling.

Multiple Firearms, Individual Sling Hardware Adapters Available

Quick Release Kits are sold individually allowing for hardware adapters to be installed on multiple firearms for your User Determined Connection Sling. This is a great way to get the most out of the 1 point sling when owning multiple rifles with different connection points. These are available here for individual purchase.

The Best Quality in a Single Point Sling

At Blue Force Gear, the best quality in a single point sling is sewn right here in the USA. We take great pride in American Manufacturing and the attention to details our experts provide. From the quality of material to sewn-in details.

A Weapon Sling with Triglides

This Weapon Sling comes fully equipped with Triglides that are built from lightweight glass-reinforced DuPont Zytel® Nylon hardware. These Triglides are extra strong and lay flatter for comfort while carrying a firearm.

Comfortable Padded Sling to carry AKs, HKs, ARs, SCARs, Shotguns, MP5s and other Similar Rifle Types

The comfortable padded sling is made to absorb shock from movement or transitions while carrying AKs, HKs, ARs, SCARs, Shotguns, MP5s and other similar rifle types. It is made of 2.00" tubular webbing with closed cell foam padding and bungee sections on each side that makes a secure fit.