Ares Gear

Shell Panel 5 Round

SKU: AG011530362


Our Shotgun Shell Panel allows the user to securely carry 12-gauge or 20-gauge shotgun shells in a rapidly deployable manner.
These Shell Panels provide the shooter with numerous capabilities:
Apply the loop side of hook-and-loop fastener to the receiver of a shotgun, and the Shotgun Shell Module can be used as a quick-attach, quick-detach sidesaddle shell carrier.
Apply loop fastener on inside surfaces of a vehicle to provide a "grab and go" ammunition source for the cruiser shotgun. When grabbing the shotgun, just peel the module off the dashboard or door panel and slap it on the shotgun receiver or ModuLoader platform.
Many uniform and tactical clothing items have loop fastener inside cargo pockets or on the upper arms, providing multiple attachment points on which to mount additional Shotgun Shell Panels.
Using the Ares Gear Shell Panels in conjunction with the Raven Concealment Systems ModuLoader creates an easy, discrete way to ensure that extra ammunition for the shotgun is always on your body.
This unit consists of ONE 5-rd Shotgun Shell Module with sewn-on hook backing. Neither adhesive loop nor the RCS ModuLoader is included with this item.