Unity Tactical

SARA Sordin Adapters

SKU: UT018190307


Sordin Arc Rail Adapters (SARA) were derived out of a need to directly attach MSA Sordin's directly to an end user's helmet. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the SARA calls on the spring tension generated by the Unity MARK rail adapters to achieve proper seal around the users ears and seamlessly integrate into the user's head-borne system. Lightweight, streamlined, and designed with the simplicity and strength demanded by the end-user, the SARA eliminates the headaches and discomfort associated with wearing a headband-style ear pro inside the helmet.

Includes ESS studs for compatibility with both Over The Head (OTH) and Behind The Head (BTH) systems.

SARA Kit Includes:

  • (4) Unity SARA adapters
  • (4) Mounting Set Screws
  • (2) ESS Mounting Studs
  • Installation Instructions

* FDE is used throughout our catalog to reference a spectrum of colors that include tan, brown, bronze, earth, and everything in between. Due to the chemical process that takes place during Type III Hardcoat, the final finish can vary from part to part (even parts done in the same batch). Therefore, your FDE product may vary from other parts from UNITY and other companies, and may vary from the photos shown online.

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