XC1-A Ultra-Compact LED Handgun Light

SKU: SF050490307


XC1-A XC1 Ultra-Compact LED Handgun Light
Transform handguns into field ready tactical weapons with the Surefire XC1 Ultra Compact LED Handgun Light. Getting caught in the dark can be a life threatening situation for even the most seasoned tactical operative. Fumbling for belt mounted lights can waste precious time and one handed pistol operation is significantly less reliable than two-handed. Surefire has created a lightweight, compact and ultra bright light to prevent these dangerous scenarios caused by lack of light. The XC1's high performance LED light projects a powerful 200 lumen beam capable of disorienting opponents and illuminating large areas. A broadened MaxVision Beam offers an increased field of vision, perfect for searching dark corridors and lighting stairways. Designed for tactical use, ambidextrous switches allow for quick activation without sacrificing a firm two handed hold of firearms. Weighing less than two ounces, this lifesaving light will not weigh the pistol down or hinder draw capability.

- Reflector is multifaceted, has individual segments that produce SureFire's MaxVision beam pattern
- gasket-sealed for protection in all kinds of weather
- Get a more accurate and sharper shot with high setting of 200 lumens
- Utilizes 1 x AAA lithium battery, included in packaging
- Mount it on a majority of Universal-rail handguns
- Body material is Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum, for a super-strong, resilient body
- Not Included accessory is 1 x AAA lithium battery

- Lumen output (High): 200 lumens
- Run time: 1h
- Battery source: 1 x AAA (lithium primary)
- Light source: LED
- Dimensions:
*Length: 2.375 in.
*Head/Bezel diameter: 0.375 in
*Weight (with battery): 1.6 oz

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