PTS Griffin Armament

M4SD Hammer Comp

SKU: GA013490300


Manufactured from CNC machined aluminum alloy and providing two sacrificial baffles, the Griffin Armament M4SD Hammer Comp wasbuilt to last whilst ensuring maximum recoil control and muzzle movement. The Airsoft version has been designed to be compatible with any A2-compatiblesuppressor mount including the PTS Griffin Armament M4SD Suppressor.
Color: Black
Material: CNC machined Aluminum Alloy
Dimension: 44 x 22 dia. mm
Weight: 50g (approx.)
Compatibility: any airsoft gun with 14mm clockwise or counter-clockwise barrel thread (not just the LM4/MKM)
- Fitting br> CW
License: This airsoft replica is manufactured under authorized Griffin Armament license. Griffin Armament and related brand names are trademarks of Hearing Protection, LLC in the United States and/or other countries.
Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training and stimulation only. Please be aware that this product is not compatible with real firearms. Users should be alert that airsoft products are potentially dangerous which can cause serious injury and even death. If user misused this product, PTS will not take any responsibility accordingly.

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