S&S Precision


SKU: SS076530338


The PF-R is capable of being scaled from a bare-bones, low-visibility carrier up to a full combat loadout via upgraded cummerbund options, comfort system and accessory options.

The PF-R out-performs all other carriers in its class in performance, comfort, and modularity. Other than the S&S PF-M, it is the only armor carrier system with the "patented (US 10605574)" adjustable Auto-Fit cummerbund. By using a single layer of semi-rigid composite material with laser-cut MOLLE/PALS slots, we were able to keep the overall weight to just over 1 lb. When properly fitted, the PF-R™ Auto-Fit cummerbund helps to distribute the weight of the operator loadout across their entire torso while still allowing for the expansion of the chest and lungs. Together the Auto-Fit cummerbund and lightweight, hydrophobic plate wrap system help the user to feel comfortable while offering impressive strength and durability even under heavy load.

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