Skeleton ARC Rails (Fast-MT & SF)

SKU: OC105155307


Features & Specifications
Transform Ops-Core FAST Super High Cut helmets (MT & SF) into a streamlined platform capable of integrating mission-enhancing components and accessories such as visors, mandibles, lights and cameras.

One size fits all. (Fits the bolt pattern of FAST Super High Cut Helmets, sizes medium to extra-large.)

Quick and easy replacement, mounts to the sides of the helmet.
Mounts using existing chinstrap holes in the helmet.
Numerous non-snag attachment points provide quick, easy and secure donning and doffing of accessories, and clean routing of external wires and cables in a streamlined configuration to minimize user distraction.

Compatible with ballistic visors and mandibles to offer several options for fully integrated face protection.
Visor mounts directly; mandible through a point molded into the rail.
May be integrated with liners and retention systems.
Corners of the rail designed for compatibility with Ops-Core O2 Mask Straps making the helmet suitable for HALO/HAHO operations.

Designed to emergency release accessories at 8ft-lbs (11 Newton meters) of torque to prevent neck injuries in the event of snagging.
Durable, lightweight construction.

Kit includes: (2) Skeleton ARC Rails, (2) Picatinny Adapters, (2) Wing- Loc Adapters, 17.5 mm ballistic screws, (10) cable ties, and (optional) hook & carabiner bungees to assist with stabilization of night vision devices and mounting brackets.

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