Head-LOC 4-Point Chinstrap H-Nape

SKU: OC002137307


Designed to resolve the issue of NVG instability caused by helmets slipping on the head.
Intended for users conducting rigorous activities while wearing heavier NVGs like PVS-15 and ANVIS-9 mounted to front of helmet.
Features 5th adjustment tab on nape pad to provide extra support and prevent back and forth helmet rotation.
Patented Head-Loc tabs provide instant one-handed chinstrap adjustment while wearing the helmet.
Simplified strap geometry with straight force lines and unique design eliminate loose ends.
Padded leather chin cup and nape pad provide support during long missions.
Custom webbing weave provides greater durability and ventilation.
Available in left or right eye configurations to keep buckle on opposite side of weapon sighting.
Designed to seamlessly integrate with all Ops-Core helmets.

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