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The Wingthing is a universal mounting platform version of our popular Wingman pouch. Originally designed to provide a knife mounting solution to your carrier, the Wingthing is also MOLLE compatible and allows for the mounting of MOLLE pouches of your choosing. The rigid design provides a perfect platform to support most items, especially heavier items such as radios. The hole/slot spacing fits a majority of Kydex knife sheaths. Use it on the side of your plate carrier or as a custom Dangler® setup. Feel free to use your imagination and adapt this platform to whatever you want.

  • Attaches to most carriers with Velcro®
  • Constructed with rigid laser cut thermoplastic
  • Does not reflect under IR light/NOD
  • MOLLE compatible mounting platform
  • 0.5??hole/slot spacing
  • Can be installed on the side or bottom of carrier

Kit Includes:

  • 4x 1/4" Chicago screws
  • 4x rubber spacers
  • 2x 11" zip ties

Note: The supplied hardware may or may not work for your particular application. Because of the universal nature of this product, you may need to procure your own hardware.

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