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Trauma Kit NOW - Medium

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Trauma Kit NOW! - MEDIUM by BFG

The Trauma Kit NOW - MEDIUM is an emergency access Trauma Kit that can be deployed with one hand in seconds. The TKN!-MEDIUM was originally designed to hold the contents of the Army IFAK but can be configured to almost any emergency medical loadout. This is a medium trauma kit for those users that need to carry specific full-size medical items, a smaller trauma kit, the Micro Trauma Kit NOW! is available. For those users requiring even more room, the Trauma Kit NOW! LARGE is available by special order with minimum quantity requirements. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information.

The TKN! - MEDIUM consists of two main components the outer MOLLE medical pouch with Helium Whisper Attachment System and a removable inner supply shingle that securely contains the medical components. The outer pouch is slightly tapered to allow for secure retention and easy removal regardless of how fully loaded the inner shingle may be.

Trauma Kit with external Tourniquet Holder Capabilities

At the top of this Trauma Kit there are MOLLE fields that allow for the attachment of a Tourniquet externally to the medical pouch using the BFG Tourniquet NOW! Strap (as seen here) or Tourniquet NOW! Pouch. The single column of MOLLE slots on the top also provides a location for a Single Pistol Pouch to hold a flashlight, multi-tool, or other devices.

Fast Access Medical Pouch

The inner carrier (shingle) of the Trauma Kit NOW! - MEDIUM medical pouch deploys quickly by pulling the tab with the Ball Loaded Index Point (BLIP) up and out of the outer pouch. The design of the pouch combined with the BLIP feature enables the Trauma Kit NOW! - MEDIUM to be deployed with gloved hands in dark, cold, or wet environments without the need to look at the pouch. Making the TKN!-MEDIUM one of the fastest deploying trauma kits on the market.

Army IFAK Pouch or Trauma Pouch for Medical Supplies you decide

Whether you need a pouch for the Army IFAK contents or are looking to design your own list of Trauma Kit items the TKN!-MEDIUM will hold a wide range of medical supplies. The inner shingle consists of six rows of various sized heavy-duty elastic loops to keep medical components secure but visible. A center Velcro loop field can be used to secure pill packs or other smaller items with sticky hook tape (not included) and a large pocket behind the elastic loops can fit a pair of trauma shears, chest seals, or other flat supplies.

MOLLE Attachment System

This medical kit mounts on a 3 x 3 MOLLE field, a battle belt, or other MOLLE Compatible Surfaces using the patented BFG Helium Whisper® Attachment System. The Helium Whisper® Attachment System is the lightest MOLLE attachment system in existence. Featuring less bulk so it sits closer to the body armor, pack, or belt system. It has fewer parts to fail and is metal-free to reduce secondary fragmentation. Best of all, Helium Whisper offers overall weight savings of up to 40% over traditional pouches.

Battle Proven Military Trauma Kit

The BFG TKN!-MEDIUM is in service with all branches of the US Armed Forces and numerous allied foreign militaries. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines have proven the TKN!-MEDIUM in battle around the world. They rely on it and so can you.

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