High Speed Gear

Cobra 1.5 Rigger Belt w/Velcro

SKU: HS053532307


This version of our battle-proven tactical belt utilizes the proven Cobra buckle on a 1.5(3.8cm) web with interior matches up with our Slim Grip battle belts or with our belt-mounted TACO magazine pouches. The belt is constructed to the same standards as our 1.75(4.5cm) Cobra belt. This belt's excellent stiffness and rigidity will not allow the weight of holsters and mag pouches to "roll" the belt.

  • Constructed with two layers of 1.5" webbing
  • Sewn together with five rows of bonded 138 nylon thread
  • Additional rigidity and stiffness are added with a proprietary adhesive before sewing
  • Perfect size for use with most standard belt loops

*Use actual measurements and not pant size when picking your belt size*

**HSGI's®rigger belts are NOT labeled or certified for climbing or use as Life Saving Equipment. HSGI®will not be held responsible for any injuries or death for the misuse of any of our products.**

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