S and S Wetworx Cold / Wetworx Warm

S & S Precision started the WetWorX Maritime Assault Gloves, the very first thing we wanted

to ensure was the user wouldn’t feel a great disparity between their warm water and

cold water gloves. Our materials were carefully chosen to provide significant

commonality between the warm & cold gloves while maintaining the climate centered

traits necessary to operate in a wide variety of environments. Paying close attention to

the human factors and ergonomics associated with maritime operations, we have

produced gloves with outstanding wet grip, tactility, and range of motion. Built into the

WetWorX gloves is the durability needed for hot climate operations and the heat

retaining traits needed for cold water operations.  



ShotShow2018 美國直擊報導

S&S 首次推出兩款手套!一款適合潛水保暖使用,一款適合平常使用!你們又喜歡那一款呢?


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