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Modlite Systems was born from the desire of its founder Cory Starr to create the best flashlight for its specific intended role. Often being disappointed with the performance and function of the top flashlight company’s product offerings, we looked for solutions to improve function and performance that suited the needs of the law enforcement and firearms enthusiast community. Working closely with several different law enforcement agencies, we have developed a long gun specific WML (Weapon Mounted Light) system which we believe will deliver industry-leading performance.


Modlite is happy to announce that Nick Young has joined the Modlite team as the Product Experience Strategist. After many years of training, attending classes, and other forms of self-discipline, Nick has immeasurable amounts of skill and experience with firearms and the associated equipment. He holds incredible achievements in multiple areas of competition shooting. Nick is also a professional instructor, including classes in low-light and NVG specialization.


  • Modlite is happy to announce that Collin Underdahl has joined the Modlite team as Customer Engagement Director. He oversees the customer service team, marketing, and social media. Collin is a 5-year Marine Corps Veteran where he served as Infantry. He spends his free time competing and training in USPSA and instructing various classes related to firearms.
  • Modlite is happy to announce that John “JR” Ray has joined the Modlite team as our LE/MIL Specialist. John Ray is a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps and 27 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. During his years with the LAPD he worked various assignments, and spent the last 13 years as a member of the SWAT team.


  • Sierra James has joined the Modlite team as our Dealer Liaison. She spends her free time outdoors and training at the range. She takes pride in her ability to help our customers in a professional and timely manner.
  • Tom Beadie has joined the Modlite team as the Lead product support specialist He enjoys competing in 2-gun and USPSA.
  • Justin Anderson has joined the Modlite Team as a Product Specialist. Justin is a long-time user of Modlite products, and he blends his experience with low-light & night vision shooting along with excellent customer service to provide the best experience for Modlite customers. In his free time, Justin competes as a USPSA Master class shooter and instructor specializing in performance shooting.

Lens Replacement Kit

Smashed or broken lens? Grab one of our lens replacement kits that includes a polymer tool to replace your lens in less than a minute! Be sure to pick the variant that matches your head. (Gen 1 original or Gen 2 Slim head)