Up to 70% OFF only at PTS Steel Shop Flash Sale!

PTS Steel Shop Up to 70% off Flash Sale

好多人等 Flash Sale 等到頸都長,除咗有 PIG 手套、Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed 系列、CompTac槍套、HSGI Belt以及 Pouch,仲有PTS 產品等等,仲要喺低至3折! 唔想錯過優惠就立即上網店掃貨,買滿 HKD200 本地免費送貨!

It has been awhile for waiting the Flash Sale to return! Up to 70% off for the PIG Gloves, Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Series, CompTac Holster, HSGI Belt & Pouch and PTS products etc. Time to visit our website unless you want to miss it! Free local shipping on HKD200+ order. Limited time, action now!


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