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Article: PTS ELITE 在台灣 TADTE 2023 的初次亮相:在執法裝備領域的展示

PTS ELITE 在台灣 TADTE 2023 的初次亮相:在執法裝備領域的展示

PTS ELITE 在台灣 TADTE 2023 的初次亮相:在執法裝備領域的展示

2023年9月14日到16日,台灣航太及國防科技展覽(TADTE)為執法和軍事裝備領域帶來了一場非凡的盛會。首次,PTS (共榮發展有限公司) - PTS ELITE在展位內展示了豐富的前沿品牌和產品,滿足執法和軍事人員的需求。展位上展示的品牌包括Cloud DefenseModliteASPCRAIGFerro ConceptMagpulBlue Force GearMulti-Tasker等。以Craig 防彈裝甲和 ASP 優質警用品為主的創新裝備成為焦點,同時還展示了 PTS (共榮發展有限公司) 在台灣 TADTE 2023 取得的非凡成功。

From September 14th to 16th, 2023, the Taiwan Aerospace and Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE) set the stage for an extraordinary event in the world of law enforcement and military gear. For the very first time, PTS  (ASIA) - PTS ELITE proudly unveiled its booth, showcasing a plethora of cutting-edge brands and products tailored to the needs of law enforcement and military personnel. Among the brands featured were Cloud Defense, Modlite, ASP, CRAIG, Ferro Concept, Magpul, Blue Force Gear, Multi-Tasker, and more. With a focus on innovative gear such as Craig ballistic armor and ASP handicraft, as well as airsoft accessories and guns, PTS (ASIA) - PTS ELITE's debut at Taiwan TADTE 2023 was nothing short of a resounding success.

PTS (共榮發展有限公司)  - PTS ELITE的展位:創新的中心

PTS (ASIA) - PTS ELITE's Booth: A Hub of Innovation

  • 執法裝備: 在TADTE 2023上, PTS (共榮發展有限公司)  - PTS ELITE的展位是創新的象徵。其中引人注目的產品包括 Craig 防彈裝甲和 ASP 的可伸縮警棍。Craig 防彈裝甲以其先進的保護能力而聞名,確保執法專業人員在高風險情況下的安全。另一方面,ASP的手工藝品和可伸縮警棍為執法人員在日常挑戰中提供了實用的解決方案。
  • Law Enforcement Gear: At TADTE 2023, the PTS (ASIA)  - PTS ELITE booth was a beacon of innovation. Among the standout products were Craig ballistic armor and ASP's retractable baton. Craig ballistic armor is renowned for its advanced protection capabilities, ensuring the safety of law enforcement professionals in high-risk situations. ASP's handicraft and retractable baton, on the other hand, offer practical solutions for the daily challenges faced by law enforcement officers.

  • 戰術配件: PTS (共榮發展有限公司)  - PTS ELITE 還展示了令人印象深刻的戰術配件,包括廣受歡迎的PTS EP系列配件 – EPSEPS-CEPGEPMEPF。這些配件以其耐用性和性能在戰術遊戲愛好者中贏得了認可,成為他們必不可少的裝備。
  • Airsoft Accessories: PTS (ASIA)  - PTS ELITE also displayed an impressive array of airsoft accessories, including the popular PTS EP Series Accessories – EPS, EPS-C, EPG, EPM, and EPF. These accessories have gained recognition in the airsoft community for their durability and performance, making them a must-have for airsoft enthusiasts.

  • 氣槍配件: 在展示的氣槍中,PTS ZEV Core Elite AR-15OZ9 Elite (Ultra Version) 脫穎而出。這些槍械被精心設計,提供真實的射擊體驗,使其成為初學者和經驗豐富的氣槍玩家追捧的物品。
  • Airsoft Guns: Among the airsoft guns showcased, the PTS ZEV Core Elite AR-15 and OZ9 Elite (Ultra Version) stood out. These airsoft are meticulously designed to provide an authentic shooting experience, making them highly sought after by both beginners and seasoned airsoft players.


讓我們更仔細地看看 PTS (共榮發展有限公司)  - PTS ELITE 展位上亮相的一些傑出品牌:

Let's take a closer look at some of the standout brands featured at PTS (ASIA) - PTS ELITE's booth:

  • ASP: ASP 或 Armament Systems and Procedures,是執法裝備領域的領先品牌。他們的產品以其品質、耐用性和創新而聞名。TADTE 2023上展示的可伸縮警棍證明了 ASP 對卓越的承諾。
  • ASP: ASP, or Armament Systems and Procedures, is a leading name in law enforcement equipment. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and innovation. The retractable baton on display at TADTE 2023 is a testament to ASP's commitment to excellence.

  • Cloud Defense: Cloud Defense 專注於戰術專業人員的照明解決方案。他們的產品旨在提高能見度和情況感知,在低光環境中操作的執法和軍事人員中不可或缺。
  • Cloud Defense: Cloud Defense specializes in lighting solutions for tactical professionals. Their products, designed to enhance visibility and situational awareness, are essential tools for law enforcement and military personnel operating in low-light environments.

  • CRAIG: CRAIG 的防彈裝甲在保護裝備領域樹立了新的標準。它在提供卓越保護的同時確保了穿戴者的舒適和靈活性。Craig 裝甲是個人防護領域的改變者。
  • CRAIG: Craig's ballistic armor sets a new standard in protective gear. It offers superior protection while ensuring comfort and flexibility for the wearer. Craig armor is a game-changer in the field of personal protection.

  • Ferro Concept: Ferro Concept 以其模塊化和適應性的裝備而聞名。他們的產品旨在滿足執法和軍事專業人員不斷變化的需求,為各種情況提供多功能解決方案。
  • Ferro Concept: Ferro Concept is known for its modular and adaptable gear. Their products are designed to meet the evolving needs of law enforcement and military professionals, providing them with versatile solutions for various situations.

  • CompTac: CompTac 提供各種高質量的槍套和配件,旨在滿足執法人員、軍事人員和民用射擊愛好者的需求。他們的槍套以其耐用性、可靠性和精確的配合而聞名,確保您的槍支在您最需要的時候安全且容易取用。
  • CompTac: CompTac offers a wide range of high-quality holsters and accessories designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, military personnel, and civilian shooters. Their holsters are known for their durability, reliability, and precision fit, ensuring that your firearm is secure and easily accessible when you need it most.

  • Magpul: Magpul 是槍械行業的知名品牌,以其高品質的配件和裝備而聞名。他們在TADTE 2023上的展示進一步加強了該展覽作為業內專業人員必參加的盛會的聲譽。
  • Magpul: Magpul is a household name in the firearms industry, known for its high-quality accessories and gear. Their presence at TADTE 2023 added further prestige to the event, showcasing their dedication to providing top-notch equipment.

PTS (共榮發展有限公司)  - PTS ELITE 在 TADTE 2023 的初次亮相標誌著執法和軍事裝備領域的一個重要里程碑。展位上展示的創新產品,從Craig防彈裝甲到氣槍配件和槍械,引起了廣泛的關注和讚譽。對 ASP、Cloud Defense、CRAIG、Ferro Concept 和 Magpul 等知名品牌的聚光燈強化了該展覽作為業內專業人士不可錯過的活動的聲譽。

PTS (ASIA) - PTS ELITE's debut at TADTE 2023 marked a significant milestone in the world of law enforcement and military gear. The booth's impressive display of innovative products, from Craig ballistic armor to airsoft accessories and guns, garnered widespread attention and admiration. The spotlight on renowned brands like ASP, Cloud Defense, CRAIG, Ferro Concept, and Magpul reinforced the show's reputation as a must-attend event for professionals in the industry.

PTS (共榮發展有限公司)  - PTS ELITE 在 TADTE 2023 的參與成功為一個令人興奮的未來奠定了基礎。以卓越品質和提供頂級裝備的承諾,PTS (共榮發展有限公司)  - PTS ELITE 期待在未來的 TADTE 展覽中再次展示更多前沿產品,熱切期待明年再次與大家見面!

The success of PTS (ASIA) - PTS ELITE's participation at TADTE 2023 sets the stage for an exciting future. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing top-tier gear, PTS (AISA) - PTS ELITE looks forward to returning to TADTE in the coming years, eager to showcase even more cutting-edge products for law enforcement and military use. We can't wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

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