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Article: PTS MTEK Review from AMNB!

PTS MTEK Review from AMNB!

PTS MTEK Review from AMNB!



Too good to be real?!

We have received with great pleasure a sample of the all NEW and excuse me DAMN HOT MTEK FLUX replica helmet from our partner PTS Syndicate before the official sale has started, and here we put a "first impression" down for you to look at.

So What's to know about this brain bucket?

PTS has teamed up with MTEK to bring you guys an affordable version of their helmet for airsoft use that don´t break your wallet but gives you that great experience and comfort like the real deal when you have to wear it for hours.




How have they done it?

The MTEK FLUX replica helmet is an extremely high fidelity replica featuring a high quality, properly textured, and accurately colored high strength polymer shell (Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS). Like the real FLUX, PTS use a bolt-less shell for the FLUX accessory rails and accurately spec’ed NVG mount. Talking about the mount, this one is polymer too not metal! No WILCOX markings here because there´s no license available atm. 




All the markings like on the real helmet are where they should be including the one from PTS Syndicate which sits on the M-LOK compatible rail system too.Under the hood, like on the real helmet we have the high quality, extremely comfortable foam inserts which are reconfigurable to fit almost all head sizes. Why do I say "almost all head sizes" and not all? One major difference to the real helmet is that PTS just comes out with a one size helmet not as the once from MTEK which have size A and B available.



Is this an issue?

I don´t think so. Thanks to the foam inserts which are reconfigurable and available in two shapes small and big or first and second layer, you can adjust it to your head size while removing each, using them together or just one of it. Another awesome feature of them are their "memory effect". Once adjusted, thes foam pads keep your head in mind so you have the perfect fit every time you run it. Just great! I´m a big head guy, head circumference: 60cm and I got it fit onto me. Any questions?


 The chin strap system is also fully adjustable and replicate the real one from MTEK. To keep the costs low , cheaper material has been used here but the MTEK markings are on there where they should be what you expect from such a replica. The helmet will come in three color versions: Black as you see here, TAN and OD with Black Velcro and Rails. It would lovely to see the OD/with TAN Velcro and Rails coming out a later date too as this color mix fits just great to a lot of camo in my opinion.



How will it perform over a decent decate?

I´ll find that out once I got my full expirience with it the next weeks. As for now, this was just an brief overview for you guys to give you an idea about what you can expect if you choose this helmet as your next brain bucket.

I had the pleasure to run a real FLUX some time ago and I have to mention that this PTS shell is top notch close to the real one. For less the 90% of the cost, airsoft use only but still good protection for your head, this is an good choice for all of you who look for an MTEK helmet to complet your MilSim loadout or just want to be up to date helmet/look wise.

That´s it for now! Field-testing will start the next weeks for you guys and I get back then to tell you how it performd for me as an player.


Manager & Founder of the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog

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