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Article: PTS Mega Arms M-LOK CQB Custom | AMNB Review

PTS Mega Arms M-LOK CQB Custom | AMNB Review

PTS Mega Arms M-LOK CQB Custom | AMNB Review

Let me introduce you to the new PTS Mega Arms AR-15 CQB Custom GBBR. This rifle platform is an ATF approved training rifle in the States and is available for your airsoft business/training needs too.

I know that some of you now say – wait! NEW? There´s already a MKM AR-15 CQB GBBR from PTS and you´re right. BUT! This one right here got some changes to it (custom), as you will find out reading this article.


Based on the well-proven KWA LM4 GBBR System, the CQB Custom features plenty of PTS Syndicates licenced products from real steel manufactures to make this “boomstick” an even more must have. Talking about those, the upper and lower receiver replicates the unique design of the Mega Arms MKM AR-15 platform. If you may noticed, Mega Arms is no longer an existing company in the real steel world and has become ZEV Tech Ind.; this airsoft replica is even more a collector’s piece from now on



The Mega Arms M-LOK CQB Custom also features the Mega Arms skeletonized trigger, which looks great on it. But not only the look of it is great, as well the performance of that trigger is sweet. A solid trigger pull and reset point that is something close to MilSpec standards if you want to compare it, is just one thing that made the ATF choose it as their training rifle platform and so it should satisfy you.




Following the Trigger towards the inside of this beauty, straight attached to it is an Alloy Steel Hammer that delivers the pull from your finger right towards the full steel reinforced bolt carrier group that provides you a strong and reliable feedback towards your shoulder.



To bring that power on target, the CQB Custom features a new hop up system developed for the LM4 Series to improve range performance on the field. The Mega Arms billet upper receiver houses the bolt carrier group for best performance.

KWAs GBBR system is one of the best “if not the best” out on the market. I guess that many players would sign that too.


To feed this system with BBs and to provide constant power, an EPM (Enhanced Polymer Magazine) is included to the package. The EPM is a truly unique magazine, inside and out.  One of the best performing Green Gas mags on the market! Gas efficiency and low temperature performance is much better as on many other GBB mags out there in my opinion.


Externally it features a polymer shell, with recessed panels for better grip, and a unique magazine well guide that reduce snagging when the magazine is drawn from and reinserted into pouches.

An overall weight of approx. 700g makes this mag a perfect training tool if you shoot real firearms as well.

Completely back outside, we´ll now overview the externals of the CQB Custom. Straight on the buffer tube, we have an PTS EPS-C Stock. It is a very popular rifle stock that is slim in its design, lighter, simpler, and more compact as the EPS.


It´s yet very strong due to its construction using Dupont™ Zytel® polymer. It incorporates only essential features like a rubberized buttpad for comfort and grip and a metal QD cup that is switchable to either side of the EPS-C to accommodate your preferred sling attachment position.


To support the solid grip, the EPG (Enhanced Polymer Grip) has been added instead of a standard AR-15 one. The EPG is a simple yet highly functional polymer pistol grip. It features an ergonomically designed shape at a conventional grip angle. The beavertail extension naturally encourages a high handhold under the receiver for maximum recoil control while maintaining comfort. The EPG’s distinctive texturing is optimized for strong and suitable grip under even adverse conditions.

In addition, the lower receiver can accept real and or GBBR aftermarket AR-15 pistol grips of your choice too.


Following the upper receiver towards the front, PTS added one of their latest new licenced handguard/rail systems to the CQB Custom. The Griffin Armament Low Pro RIGID M-LOK Rail 8.6″. It is a slim, ultralight, yet extremely rigid rail. Its rigidity reduces rail flex when torque is applied from foregrip type accessories or when load is applied on the rail. Carefully positioned slots on the rail removes unnecessary weight without compromising the rail’s strength and rigidity. The flat screw hardware and inset QD sling swivel cups further the theme of the slim, smooth profile of the rail.



If you´re interest to learn more about it, we have a separate article about this rail here on our page. Just follow this link!


On top of the rail and upper receiver, we have standard M4 CQB iron sights, as you know it from older M4 style models. Those are made from steel and look very highly done too. I personally like the combination of the “older” flavour sights and the modern gun look itself. It gives this shorty a “superb classy” look for your casual business needs.




All the way up front at the leaving end of the 10.5 inch outer barrel, we have an BCM licensed Battle Comp 2.0 Flash Hider which rounds the overall custom rifle up. Included is a G&P CW to CCW adaptor to get it fit on the barrel.



The licensed PTS BattleComp® muzzle devices are the highest quality and most accurate Battlecomp replicas on the market. They are made from heat treated steel alloy bar stock with a scratch and blemish resistant black oxide finish. As real as it gets! 

If you pay attention to such details for your BB Blasters, PTS is definitely one go to choice for your airsoft/training parts and of course guns.

The Mega Arms M-LOK CQB Custom GBBR with its ultra-lightweight 8.6 inch M-LOK rail and 10.5 inch barrel is the perfect airsoft gun for handling in any confined space and close proximity combat environments. It´s improved hop-up unit for more distance makes it even more a gun that works on longer distances while using it outdoors.

The attention to detail with all the licensed parts by real steel manufacturer such as Mega Arms, Griffin Armament and BattleComp as well high quality internals based on the well-proven KWA LM4 Series will definitely satisfy you in my opinion.

If you´re looking for a new GBBR that supports you to put in work, this bad guy right here should be on your list.


(Chris ,2020)

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