Tactical Tailor

Rogue Adaptable Chest Rig

SKU: TT124530359


The Tactical Tailor Rogue product line is TTs newest addition to already long, amazing list of product lines. Tactical Tailor Rogue line uses the newest advancement in design and materials to bring light weight, efficiency, and versatility to the Military Professional, Police Officer, Contractor, or Range Shooter while still being affordable.
The new Rogue Adaptable Chest Rig takes minimalist and adds versatility. The chest rig makes a great standalone range chest rig, or RECCE chest rig.

Eight columns for pouches.
Laser cut Rubberized Nylon with MOLLE channels for light-weight strength.
Two inch shoulder straps with cable management built in.
Built in Map Compartment.
Chest rig can be mounted on the Rogue plate carrier with the hook back as a cummerbund flap.

Removable loop and air mesh panel to protect your shirt from the hook back.
Can be used with the Rogue Skeletonized MOLLE Webbing when the plate carrier is not needed, but additional pouches are.


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