Brigandine Plate Carrier, Front+Molle Rear (Systema) - Black

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This Plate is different with other plate carriers, It prefers straps attaching at the lower point than the top area. Users can change different mag pouches on the front side. The integral elastic straps provide a large of space for user self-adjust. Increasing comfort and expansion. The Elastic cummerbund Sleeves for extra molle load carriage or side plate options. Front and back plate are assembled from the brig separately. Capable for users mix and match the different size of front and back plates. The plates are a shoehorn fit design for some specific plate contour. Currently available for ESAPI (4 size), 10" x12" Tap Gamma and the Velocity systems/LTC ICW 10" x12" plate.PIG BRIGANDINE PLATE CARRIER, FRONT + SLICK REAR SYSTEMA

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